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I guess you could say that journey to becoming a homeopath was in some ways unconventional.

I graduated from Cambridge University in the mid 1980's and worked as a Veterinary Surgeon for 30 years.​ It was hugely fulfilling and I so enjoyed treating animals and getting to know their owners. However over the years I found I was being drawn more and more to alternative healing practices.

I've always been a deep thinker, on a quest to investigate and understand how to effect the best cure, and my research led me to an increasing awareness that an alternative appoach was the way to long-lasting and permanent results with minimal suppression.

I had always used simple homeopathic remedies for myself and family with great results and as time went on I was compelled to study the subject in far greater depth so that I could work as a homeopath. And so in 2011 I enrolled with the North West College of Homeopathy in Manchester, and spent 4 years studying Homeopathy.

Now I treat people rather than animals - but know that all those years as a vet taught me many skills which are so important in my current work, especially my ability to ground some of the more abstract concepts that can exist within holistic modalities.

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As Above so Below

Since starting homeopathy, I've quested further; undertaking two years of shamanic study and delving into the deeper metaphysical mysteries of our human existence. Through this, I've come to appreciate how truly interconnected every being on this planet is and hence how important it is that we heal the individual for the collective good. 

We are vibrational beings and when we are vibrating at our highest level of health and vitality, we have the potential to effect positive change just by the nature of our very being.  In this respect homeopathy truly is a global medicine with quantum effects far beyond the immediate and local.

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